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He took a hotel suite overlooking the snowbound heights of Mount Illimani, and photographed himself — overweight, balding, lit cigar in his mouth — in the mirror. Eleven months later, another image of Guevara would spread around the world, showing his scrawny, lifeless body on a stretcher, his full head of hair and beard unkempt, and his eyes wide open.

Che Guevara: A Revolutionary Life, by Jon Lee Anderson (Bantam, £12.99 in UK)

They say he grants miracles. After a failed expedition to the Congo in , Guevara alighted on Bolivia as the launchpad for regional, then global, revolution. But in the febrile atmosphere of the s, anything seemed possible. They lost radio contact with Cuba, supplies ran low. They were plagued by illness and vicious insects. The Bolivian recruits resented taking orders from the battle-hardened Cubans, and government propaganda sowed fear of the foreign interlopers among the campesinos.

The remainder trudged towards the mountains in a desperate attempt to break out of the trap. Che, prostrated by asthma, rode on a mule towards the remote village of La Higuera. Wounded, he surrendered to a battalion of rangers — trained by US Green Berets — under the command of a year-old captain, Gary Prado.

In an interview with the Guardian, Prado recalled that moment. Prado had several conversations with Guevara, and says he brought him food, coffee and cigarettes. When Guevara asked what would happen to him, Prado said he told the guerrilla that he would be court-martialled in the city of Santa Cruz. The boulder behind which Che sheltered is daubed with graffiti. Farming tools rust among the overgrown foliage.

The hut of an old woman mentioned by Che in his diary — today kept in a vault in the Central Bank of Bolivia — is in ruins. The village was once home to about 75 families; today 15 or so remain.

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Alcides Osinaga, 73, saw the captured Guevara pass by in rags, covered in filth, head bowed, bleeding from his wounds. Half a dozen hostels have sprung up in the village. Inside, every surface is covered with tributes and keepsakes from pilgrims from all over the world. A cottage Che industry has also taken root in Vallegrande. But a ruthless warrior was exactly what the Cuban revolutionaries needed. He would lead them through the decisive moment of the war: the Battle of Santa Clara. April 19, Cuba, under Castro, was a nation changed.

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Income inequality was drastically lowered. Housing, healthcare, and education alike were reworked, and the impact was incredible. From January to December of , more than , Cuban adults were taught how to read and write. But there was no denying the decidedly Marxist approach Castro and Guevara had followed to achieve their ends. Eisenhower tried to strike back economically, reducing U. On March 4, , La Coubre , a French freighter carrying 76 tons of grenades and munitions, exploded in Havana Harbor, killing up to people.

Guevara was on the scene; he personally rushed toward the explosion and tended to the wounded. America, Guevara believed, was terrified of what Castro represented. Wikimedia Commons U. April Days after he made that speech, an army of Cuban exiles — trained, funded, and supported by the CIA — invaded the country while American planes dropped bombs overhead. But Cuba was ready for them. The Bay of Pigs invasion lasted only four days. It was such a complete and total failure that, when the fighting ended, Guevara sent John F.

Kennedy a thank-you letter :. Before the invasion, the revolution was weak.

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It was a huge embarrassment for the U. October The Bay of Pigs convinced Guevara that America was his chief enemy. The U. America feared Cuba, he insisted, because they were a guiding light for the nations of South America to follow; an example that would inspire them to overthrow their imperial American oppressors.

He called on South American countries to fight them at any cost. There were no limits to how far Guevara was willing to go.

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  5. In , he played a key role in getting Soviet nuclear missiles into Cuba. In fact, his first job was to root out military dissidents by any means necessary. Decades later, journalist James Scott Linville recalled a story his former boss, Paris Review editor George Plimpton, told him about a visit to Cuba just after the revolution:.

    This group, including a few others, got in the car and drove for some time to the outside of town. Arriving at their destination, they got out, set up chairs, brought out the drinks, and arranged themselves as if they were going to watch the sunset. Soon enough, a truck came…. It came, as Hemingway explained to them, the same time each day. The truck stopped and some men with guns got out of it. In back were a couple of dozen others who were tied up. The men with guns hustled the others out of the back of the truck and lined them up.

    And then they shot them. They put the bodies back in the truck and drove off. Whatever would protect and ensure the success of the revolution, in other words, Guevara would do. Despite the obvious danger, Guevara accepted. Anxious hands are stretched forth, ready to die for what is theirs. Two separate attempts were made on his life before he got out of the building. The first was by a woman named Molly Gonzales, who rushed at him with a seven-inch knife. Fortunately for Guevara, the rocket failed to reach the building, detonating in the water yards short of its target. His sights were no longer just set on Cuba.

    By this point, Che Guevara saw himself as a man destined to tear down imperialism and bring about Marxist revolution in every part of the globe.

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    As he'd promised his aunt years ago, he wasn't going to rest until the "capitalist octopuses" had been completely annihilated. In line with his newfound global mission, Guevara gave a speech on February 24, in Algeria, calling on the people of Africa and Asia to join in the Marxist struggle : "There are no borders in this struggle to the death. But Guevara went too far when he started criticizing the one ally Cuba truly needed: the Soviet Union.

    During the speech, he called the Soviet Union an "exploiter," described their New Economic Policy as "the great Trojan Horse of Socialism," and declared that the Soviets were "failing because they have forgotten Marx. When Guevara returned to Havana in March , Castro reportedly chewed him out. For hours, it's said, Castro could be heard bellowing at Guevara through the walls of the "security house" where he forced him to stay. When Guevara finally left after nearly two straight days of talking, he looked like a defeated man.

    Che Guevara left Cuba shortly afterward. He left one final letter to Fidel Castro, in which he wrote:. I formally renounce my posts in the leadership of the Party, my post as Minister, my rank as Major, my status as a Cuban citizen. Nothing legal binds me to Cuba.

    Instead, he went abroad, joining in socialist revolutions around the world. His first trip took him to the Congo, where he fought against the military dictator Mobutu Sese Seko, who took power with the support of the CIA. That fight failed, and Guevara returned to South America to help aid the revolutionary struggle in Bolivia.

    Once more, however, Guevara was unable to accomplish the kinds of victories he had in Cuba. He struggled to get the support of other dissidents and, in August of , suffered a major defeat when the Bolivian Army managed to ambush and eliminate two of his guerrilla groups. As it happens, the U. On Oct. Although Rodriguez wanted to keep Guevara alive for questioning, Bolivia's president ordered his immediate execution. Wikimedia Commons Che Guevara's boots shortly after his execution. October 9, Before he killed him, Rodriguez dragged Guevara outside and had his men take pictures of him, gloating over his captured enemy.

    Then, he sent one of his men in to kill him in a way that made it look like Guevara died in battle. You are only going to kill a man. But the government wasn't too upset; National Security Secretary Walter Rostow wrote that is was a "stupid" but "understandable" mistake before boasting that Guevara's death showed the "soundness of our 'preventive medicine' assistance to countries facing incipient insurgency. The man had been killed — but, as he warned with his final words, the idea of Che Guevara could never be.

    In Cuba, Castro proclaimed three days of mourning for his fallen comrade, telling his people: "If we wish to express what we want the men of future generations to be, we must say: 'Let them be like Che!

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    Meanwhile, around the world, Guevara quickly became the symbol of standing up against the powers that be. After learning of Guevara's death, British artist Jim Fitzpatrick took an existing photograph of Guevara and made a stylized, red-black-and-white image of him that he spread as far and as wide as he could. Chea Guevara was not forgotten.

    Fitzpatrick's image was spread around the world in countless iterations, showing up on posters, graffiti, t-shirts, and album covers. They'd killed the man, but never the idea.

    Che Guevara : a biography Che Guevara : a biography
    Che Guevara : a biography Che Guevara : a biography
    Che Guevara : a biography Che Guevara : a biography
    Che Guevara : a biography Che Guevara : a biography
    Che Guevara : a biography Che Guevara : a biography
    Che Guevara : a biography Che Guevara : a biography
    Che Guevara : a biography Che Guevara : a biography
    Che Guevara : a biography Che Guevara : a biography
    Che Guevara : a biography

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