Clinical Trials in Rheumatology

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What Is a Clinical Trial? A clinical trial is a regulated, systematic way to answer a question related to health care.

The results can range from finding a better way to detect or control a disease or disorder to prevention and cure. Also called medical research or research studies, clinical trials are used to determine the safety and effectiveness of new drugs or treatments for the people who may need them.

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Patient volunteers are monitored for side effects by closely supervised and ethically designed trials. As with any medical intervention, there are potential risks that you need to know about before you decide to enroll in a clinical trial.

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Any questions you may have about the study will be answered before you participate. Why Participate In a Clinical Trial?

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As a volunteer you have the opportunity to be involved in clinical research that may bring about advances in science and health care. We are recruiting participants to take part in this study who are adults with a clinical diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis RA and have had an inadequate response to Methotrexate MTX or other disease-modifying anti rheumatic drugs DMARDS.

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  8. If your disease is not controlled after MTX monotherapy meaning, using only MTX to treat your RA for 12 weeks at 15mg weekly, and on a stable dose for the previous 4 weeks, we will ask you to be randomly assigned to receive one of the following two treatment regimens. You will continue to take your MTX while in the study. This research is being done to determine how variations in genes may explain the different risk to develop scleroderma or CREST seen in African American patients compared to other populations.

    This research involves a blood draw and physical exams. We are doing a research study to learn more about why people with rheumatoid arthritis RA are prone to heart disease.

    Clinical Trials

    We are recruiting patients diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis without a personal history of heart disease. This study involves one initial full visit as described below, and a brief follow up visit that will take place approximately 2 or more years later. The 3D-Echocardiogram, blood tests, questionnaires, and a quick CT-scan would be done 3 years later. We are studying a medication to see if it is effective in reducing the disease activity of systemic lupus erythematosus SLE , which is the most common form of lupus.

    Additional requirements apply.

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    4. Clinical Trials in Rheumatology Clinical Trials in Rheumatology
      Clinical Trials in Rheumatology Clinical Trials in Rheumatology
      Clinical Trials in Rheumatology Clinical Trials in Rheumatology
      Clinical Trials in Rheumatology Clinical Trials in Rheumatology
      Clinical Trials in Rheumatology Clinical Trials in Rheumatology

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