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Nothing escapes him; everything is illuminated…. Highly recommended. Kooser excels at the brief, imagistic poem. Each short, vivid poem on the page reads as if it were being spoken aloud. Details about cemeteries, dictionaries, a doctor's waiting room, and a jar of buttons bristle with sound and awareness.

Kooser's ability to use brief lyrics to compose a music of discovery and regeneration makes his work radiant and consuming This is not an extended, complex or experimental kind of writing, but poetry that rings true, allowing the human sound of being to exist on the page. He is an exquisite miniaturist of daily life.

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Metaphors are the treasure of these short, imagistic poems, emphasizing the wonder and delight latent in what is often merely taken for granted. He is the author of ten books of poems, including the collaboration with Jim Harrison, Braided Creek: A Conversation in Poetry isbn A quietly brilliant collection. With few exceptions, each poem has just the right David Wagoner. Search and Rescue. Michael Chitwood.

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Delights & Shadows

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Delights & Shadows Delights & Shadows
Delights & Shadows Delights & Shadows
Delights & Shadows Delights & Shadows
Delights & Shadows Delights & Shadows
Delights & Shadows Delights & Shadows

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