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Genome Res: doi Chromatin remodeler mutations in human cancers: epigenetic implications. Epigenomics Copy-number-aware differential analysis of DNA sequencing data. Regional activation of the cancer genome by long range epigenetic remodelling. Epigenetic-induced repression of microRNA is associated with MED1 activation and a poorer prognosis in localized prostate cancer. Acetylation of H2A.

Z is a key epigenetic modification associated with gene deregulation and epigenetic remodeling in cancer. Genome Res Epigenome remodelling in breast cancer: insights from an early in vitro model of carcinogenesis. Breast Cancer Res. Integrative genome-wide expression and promoter DNA methylation profiling identifies a novel panel of ovarian cancer epigenetic biomarkers. Cancer Lett MicroRNA alterations and associated aberrant DNA methylation patterns across multiple sample types in oral squamous cell carcinoma.

PLoS One ; 6:e DNA methylation: bisulphite modification and analysis. JoVE e Lineage specific methylation of the Elf5 promoter in mammary epithelial cells. Stem Cells BMC Genomics EMBO J ; Epigenetic deregulation across chromosome 2q Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev Epigenetic architecture and miRNA: reciprocal regulators. Coordinated epigenetic repression of the miR family and miR in invasive bladder cancer. Int J Cancer Repitools: an R package for the analysis of enrichment-based epigenomic data.

Bioinformatics Evaluation of affinity-based genome-wide DNA. Genome Research Protocol matters: which methylome are you actually studying?

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Consolidation of the cancer genome into domains of repressive chromatin by long-range epigenetic silencing LRES reduces transcriptional plasticity. Nature Cell Biology Hum Mol Genet Concordant epigenetic silencing of transforming growth factor-beta signaling pathway genes occurs early in breast carcinogenesis.

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Cancer Research Genomic profiling of CpG methylation and allelic specificity using quantitative high- throughput mass spectrometry: critical evaluation and improvements. Nucleic Acids Res e Epigenetic remodeling in colorectal cancer results in coordinate gene suppression across an entire chromosome band. Nature Genetics DNA methylation: Bisulphite modification and analysis.

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Nature Protocols Melbourne Australia : Oxford University Press, External validity: we need to do more. Annals of Behavioral Medicine ; Assessing the quality of research. BMJ ; 39— Evaluating the relevance, generalization, and applicability of research: issues in external validation and translation methodology.

Evaluation and the Health Professions ; Preserving innovation under increasing accountability pressures: the health promotion investment portfolio approach. Health Promotion Journal of Australia ; 5: Methods for exploring implementation variation and local context within a cluster randomised community intervention trial.

Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health ; — Overview of Sustainability [Version 8. Evaluation of health education programs: current assessment and future directions. Health Education Quarterly ; A glossary for health inequalities.

Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health ; School feeding for improving the physical and psychosocial health of disadvantaged elementary school children. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews , Issue 1.

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Art No: CD Interventions for promoting smoking cessation during pregnancy. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews , Issue 4. Annotated Bibliography on Equity in Health, International Journal for Equity in Health ; 1: 1. Evaluating the evidence on measures to reduce inequalities in health. In: Oliver A, Exworthy M editors. Health Inequalities: Evidence, Policy and Implementation.

Proceedings from a meeting of the Health Equity Network. Social characteristics of participants in health promotion effectiveness research; trial and error? Education for Health ; Reducing social inequalities in smoking: can evidence inform policy? A pilot study. Tobacco Control ; Reconciling concept and context: theory of implementation. In: Ward WB editors. Advances in Health Education and Promotion Volume 2.

Frommers Australia 2004 Frommers Australia 2004
Frommers Australia 2004 Frommers Australia 2004
Frommers Australia 2004 Frommers Australia 2004
Frommers Australia 2004 Frommers Australia 2004
Frommers Australia 2004 Frommers Australia 2004
Frommers Australia 2004 Frommers Australia 2004

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