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The scientists sampled the flowing fracture water many times over 54 days to determine whether the community of microbes, if present, changed in composition and character, and to determine whether contamination had occurred. The researchers also examined the age of the fracture water and its chemical composition. This fracture water contained hydrocarbons and hydrogen not likely to have been created through biological processes, but rather from decomposition of water exposed to radiation from uranium-bearing rocks.

High density DNA microarray analysis revealed a vast number of bacterial species present, but the samples were dominated by a single new species related to hydrothermal vent bacteria from the division Firmicutes. The ancient age of the fracture water and comparative DNA analysis of the bacterial genes suggests subsurface Firmicutes were removed from contact with their surface cousins anywhere from 3 million to 25 million years ago.

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The bacteria's rocky living space is a metamorphosed basalt that is about 2. How surface-related Firmicutes and other species managed to colonize an area so deep within Earth's crust is a mystery. Some surface Firmicutes species are known to consume sulfate and hydrogen as a way to get energy for growth.

Other bacteria can then use the by-products of the Firmicutes as a source of food. The scientists found that the fracture Firmicutes are also able to consume sulfate.


Firmicutes do not use radiation directly as a source of energy, however. Radiation emanating from uranium minerals in or near the fracture allows for the formation of hydrogen gas from decomposition of water and formation of sulfate from decomposition of sulfur minerals. Hydrogen gas is highly energetic if it reacts with oxygen or other oxidants like sulfate, as the Hindenburg disaster demonstrated. Firmicutes are able to harvest energy from the reaction of hydrogen and sulfate, allowing other microbes in the fracture community to use the chemical waste from the Firmicutes as food.

In a way, Firmicutes serve the same function as photosynthetic organisms, such as plankton and trees at Earth's surface, that capture sunlight energy ultimately to the benefit of everything and everyone else. In the deep subsurface case, Firmicutes species are the producers, capturing the energy of radiation-borne hydrogen gas to support microbial communities. Pratt is the project director of the continuation of this research, which examines deep "extremophile" subsurface environments in South African and the Canadian Arctic mines.

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Long-term sustainability of a high-energy, low-diversity crustal biome.

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    Science (Vol. 314, No. 5798, 20 October 2006) Science (Vol. 314, No. 5798, 20 October 2006)
    Science (Vol. 314, No. 5798, 20 October 2006) Science (Vol. 314, No. 5798, 20 October 2006)
    Science (Vol. 314, No. 5798, 20 October 2006) Science (Vol. 314, No. 5798, 20 October 2006)
    Science (Vol. 314, No. 5798, 20 October 2006) Science (Vol. 314, No. 5798, 20 October 2006)
    Science (Vol. 314, No. 5798, 20 October 2006) Science (Vol. 314, No. 5798, 20 October 2006)
    Science (Vol. 314, No. 5798, 20 October 2006) Science (Vol. 314, No. 5798, 20 October 2006)
    Science (Vol. 314, No. 5798, 20 October 2006) Science (Vol. 314, No. 5798, 20 October 2006)
    Science (Vol. 314, No. 5798, 20 October 2006) Science (Vol. 314, No. 5798, 20 October 2006)
    Science (Vol. 314, No. 5798, 20 October 2006)

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